Short-term training courses

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RowCourse titleDuration of training course(hours)
1Principles and techniques of public relations16
2Labor and Social Security Laws8
3Catering techniques and ceremonies8
4Speech and language skills-Content presentation skills8
5Social etiquette and professional behavior in organizations and companies8
6Key points in motivating and empowering employees8
7Research and development and its role in crisis management of organizations8
8Strategic planning and management8
9Etiquette and ceremony of holding company meetings8
10Principles of International Hospitality8
11Familiarity with techniques and methods of working with senior managers8
12Insurance and pension management in the law of social security and exemptions8
13Organizational culture and ethics8
14Commercial and industrial public relations8
15Talent management and succession management in organizations
16Financial management of projects16
17Digital Marketing
18Pharmaceutical marketing and its strategies in the pharmaceutical industry8
19Employment contract with emphasis on legal points8
20Financial Concepts for Non-Financial Managers
Principles and techniques of successful negotiation
21Upgrade sales skills
22Management of purchases and foreign orders16
23Insurance and tax laws16
24Customs and clearance rules and regulations16
25Principles of business and correspondence in English16
26Tourism and Iran Tourism Management24
27hotel management16
28Travel and Tourism Management16
29Tour Guides / Tour Leaders16
30Travel and tourism insurance16
31General management course of accommodation units16
32Specialized course in tourism language24
33Online sales skills course for tourism services24
34Use of HSE in industry (introductory)16
35Use of HSE in industry (secondary)16
36Use of HSE in industry (advanced)16
37Director of Quality and Safety in the Food Industry24
38Tourism security16
39Halal tourism16
40Religious tourism16
41Tourism Entrepreneurship16