Certification Process based on quality, health, Halal and authenticity

  1. Download the application form the site, complete it and upload it in JPEG forma
  2. Visit the organization in person to fill out the application form and submit the documents
  3. Review deeds & documents at Standard Council
  4. Refer to the contract / legal / commercial / financial units of the organization
  5. Inspect & take samples (if needed)
  6. Announcing the results to the applicant
  7. Allocate a special code for the applicant
  8. Issuance of certificate

By becoming a member of SITI1 International Organization, you will receive the label and consequently, you will enter into a large economic cycle that will link you to other SITI1 members from different guilds and groups. To become a member, you need to obtain the international standard product license of SITI1 International Organization. For this purpose, you must take the first step by filling out the application, and in the next step, by referring to the organization and cooperation and guidance of the relevant unit personnel, necessary actions will be taken. Then, by forming the High Council of Standards and qualifications investigation of the applicant unit, based on the documents and licenses of that unit, and evaluation based on international standard checklists, and receiving the approval of this council in the next steps, the license will be issued.