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Tag: Siti1, international Organization for standardization, intellectual property, WIPO

Kish Air Airline

  Kish Air Airline Address: Kish Airline Central Office, Main Boulevard, opposite of Rah Ahan Stadium, Ekbatan Phone Number: 48680000-021 License Number standard Product: 17065/005/18 Expire Date: 2019/03/07 License serial number: SITI 1.2632.97

Ministry of Roads and Urban Planning

The Ministry of Roads and Urban Affairs directs all the deputies in the field of aviation, maritime, rail and road in relation to the use of the global brand identity of the International SITI 1 Organization

raftarie Food Collection

raftarie Food Group Address: TEHRAN, Saadat Abad, South Allameh St., Toos Commercial Complex, office of behavioral Restaurant Phone Number: 886877511-021 License number of standard product: 17065/003/40 Expire Date: 2019/09/15 License serial number: SITI 1.2102.97

عضویت وابسته سازمان بین المللی سیتی وان در سازمان جهانی جهانگردی (UNWTO) در مجمع عمومی این سازمان در سنت پترزبورگ روسیه مصوب گردید