Supply chain

Supply chain of SITI1 is organizing activities between a firm and its suppliers in order to produce and distribute particular items to final buyer. Steps of this process include transfer and change of raw materials into packed materials, transfer of packed materials and distribute to final user. Included items in supply chain are producers, merchants, distribution centers, transportation companies and retailers.

Components of SITI1 supply chain include all capacities for organizing and combining customers’ demands. These capacities are improving commodity, exhibition, operations, distribution, financial affairs and customer service. As could be recognized, SITI1 supply chain management can be a very vital part of export and import process. Within this chain, there are numerous and diversified connections where each one requires specified expertise.

Value network

SITI1 value network is a set of communications amongst organizations or individuals in transaction with each other to use capacities of all group’s members.

SITI1 value network allows members to buy some items or provide those as well as to share its information. This communication system can be seen as a primary topography instrument which maps knots (members) and connections (relationships).

In domains of commerce and trading, value network system is a financial biological image. Each member is dependent to others in regard of development and increasing value. Member of SITI1 value network can be one of the foreign customers or local members such as research and develop team. Deficiencies in one center can affect complete order of group’s value. SITI1 value network can minimize these deficiencies.