SITI1 Overview

SITI1 International Organization is an Affiliate Member of World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), under the supervision of the United Nations (UN). We have the trademark of Halal Tourism with the international registration No. “1305212” in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). SITI1 is the only certification body with qualification in 22 branches under international licenses to certify and issue product standard licenses (International Certification of Standard for Products and Services under 17065, 19933, and 17020 Standards), based on quality, health, Halal, and authenticity requirements in the world.

As the unique international scientific and research organization in the field of standards, SITI1 International Organization has been introduced by The International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) to its members. SITI1 is an official and legal member of the IAUP Executive Council, currently interacting with 300 international universities all over the world. This organization is the IAUP Regional Chair for Middle East & Central Asia. SITI1 International is the first international organization in the world selected by The International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) located in New York and London in July 2017 as the first scientific research organization in the IAUP Executive Council in Austria.

During the June 8, 2018 enactment, this organization became an official member of the UNWTO, being introduced to all UNWTO member countries as the only international organization in the arena of quality, health, Halal, and authenticity. One of the objectives of SITI1 International Organization is to select the world’s top managers and entrepreneurs and economic actors and present them the best award. These biennial awards are presented at a glorious ceremony in Madrid, Spain, as one of the world’s pioneer attractions and the headquarters of the UNWTO.


Halal Tourism symbol, the only real Halal brand in the world within domain of services, goods and products.


Developing trust and assurance among the world people (*), in order to gain enrichment of soul and spirit through training and receiving Halal Tourism services, goods and products based on principles of quality, health, being halal and authenticity.

  • Note (*): World people, means both Muslim, non-Muslim people and all applicants for Halal Tourism.

Benefits and privileges

1.To grant international certificate, Halal Tourism logo after technical inspection and compliance to regulations and requirements.

2.To introduce applicants as its members to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the International Association of University Presidents (IAUP), international unions, associations and organizations operating in tourism industry.

3.To introduce the applicants to international clients who are active in the field of Halal Tourism through its network and agencies.

4.To introduce highly demanded goods and services based on quality, health, Halal and authenticity indexes in each country selected by the customers in the portal and select the best ones in the sector of goods and services to enter the global economic cycle.

5.To create a dedicated page for each member on the organization’s website with the member’s logo.

6.To introduce the members and holders of Halal Tourism Logo on the SITI1 Social Networks of Goods and Services.

7.To hold short- and long-term skill-based training courses with internationally accredited certificates (skill-based specialized PhD) on Halal Tourism Standard.

8.Placing the products (all goods and services) on the priority list of clients individually in each country after receiving the Halal Tourism International Logo and Certificate.

9.Holders of for Halal Tourism Certificate will be able to obtain product, service and process Standard 17065 ,17020 and 19933 in the fields of Quality, Health, Halal and Authenticity worldwide exclusively.

10.Inclusion of all members and holders of Halal Global Tourism Standard Certificate in Supply Chain and Value network of SITI1 for Buyers, Sellers and Consumers.

11.Provision of international and exclusive markets advertising standard for the members and their products (all services and goods) by the organization.

12.Commercialization and branding of all consumer goods and services, through virtual television and portal-based networks, for continued use in the culture of tourist’s consumption.

13.Providing Insurance, Banking, Financial Protection, Customs Regulations support by the Organization for Members in Import and Export of Goods and Services.

14.Creating a new market, merchandize venue and lifestyle in consumption based on Halal Tourism Standard with the aim of respecting human dignity and promoting soul and mind.

Social responsibilities of the organization

  • Respect to all religions, races, cultures and languages
  • Observance of ethical principles
  • Supporting sports and community health
  • Environmental Protection
  • Respect to the rights of children and women
  • Respecting the elderly
  • Fighting illiteracy
  • Support creative ideas
  • Optimal energy consumption
  • Employment of the disabled
  • Contribute to the development of local communities
  • Achieving sustainable development goals
  •  Waste management