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Short-term training courses

Short-term training courses at the Siti1 International Organization include applied courses designed with comprehensive and up-to-date teaching materials that incorporate business principles in various areas of tourism and services. Managers, experts and professionals in the field of tourism and services will enter the professional tourism and service industry market after having completed specialist courses designed by qualified and experienced professors and certified credentials.

Short Course List:

The Tourism Management Course – IRAN Tour is organized by intensive professors at the Siti1 International Organization for 24 hours under the supervision of experienced professors and provides information and knowledge about the new findings of the Tourism and Travel Executive. The syllabus includes: Travel Management – Tourism, concepts and principles of tourism management, tourism geography, tourism and tourism elements, international organizations, rules and regulations of the tourism and tourism industry, tourism development planning, tourism economics, and tourism and tourism.

Tourism economics means the study of topics such as demand, firms and markets, their interactions and affiliations, supply and market structures, pricing and the calculation of tourism value added value and, in general, the study of all dimensions, effects, results and economic factors affecting the tourism industry. The Tourism Economics Department of the Siti1 International Organization holds up to 16 hours of information and knowledge of the day. The head of the tourism tourism curriculum includes: The scope and size of the tourism economy – the application of the tourism economy – the economic assessment of tourism in accommodation, catering, recreational, transportation and travel planners – the impact of the multiplier effect of tourism, – the forecast of tourism demand and the analysis of tourism projects.

A leader’s tour or tour guide is a person who is on a group trip alongside passengers. Tour guides or tour guides provide special information on the cultural history of countries, special tourist sites, artifacts, tourist attractions and natural attractions, places of interest, museums, memorials and works of art. During the trip, information is available on Places that place at the passengers’ disposal. Touring tourists or tour guides have a great role to play in providing passengers with travel, as well as providing the material, spiritual and spiritual needs of tourists, while organizing a tour of tourists without a tour leader is not feasible. The International Tour Leader Tour is a 24-hour intensive organization that provides information and knowledge in this area. By learning the techniques and skills of the tour, a new world of opportunities for learners will be provided. Course categories: Tourism information, Travel and tourism services, Iran’s culture and tribes, Recognition of historical places of Iran, Recognition of Iranian museums, Ecotourism, Touring skills, First aid and health on travel, Etiquette and patterns Behavioral.

Learning and passing the first aid training course is important for managing as much as possible incidents and risks in tourism and short trips. The Siti1 International Tourism First Aid Initiative is organized intensively for 16 hours, providing new knowledge and techniques in this area. Tutorials on Tourism First Aid: Understanding the principles of tourism, understanding the fundamentals of first aid, familiarization with the foundations of familiarity with the foundations of emergency medicine, familiarization with the conditions of different types of tours and the recognition of the rules of tourism tours on tourism.

The specialized language of tourism is proposed as an important topic for communicating with tourists to all the activists and enthusiasts of the tourism industry. The Siti1 International Tourism Courses Course is organized intensively for 24 hours in the form of standard and international curricula, and will provide interested people with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct a daily conversation in various areas of tourism….

In the field of tourism and nature-building, the presence of local guides who are familiar with the geography and culture of different regions is of great importance. The local and native guidebook of the Siti1 International Organization is organized intensively for 16 hours and provides interested people with the necessary information and knowledge in this area. Local and native guide courses include: Understanding the Principles of Tourism – Understanding Types of Cultures and Ethnicities – Understanding the Principles of Consultation – Familiarizing with Types of Tourist and Local Tourism – Guidelines for Guided Tours in Local Tourism.

Religious tourism is one of the major types of tourism, which according to the latest statistics make up one third of the total number of tourists. According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), from 300 to 330 million pilgrims annually visit religious centers. The tourism industry experts believe that due to the cultural and religious status of Iran among other countries, religious tourism has a lot of development in our country. The professional touristic tour of the Siti1 International Organization of the holds up to 16 hours of in-depth knowledge of the area. The headings of the religious tourism curriculum include: Economics and Marketing of Religious Tourism, Sociology of Religious Tourism, Religious Tourism Geography, Religious Tourism Management, Strategic Tourism Planning for Religious Tourists, Research Methods in Religious Tourism, Application of Modern Technologies (Geographical, Communication, Information) and religious psychology of tourism.


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