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دکتری مدیریت گردشگری

The doctoral courses of management and tourism management are international higher education courses. The purpose of establishing these courses is to educate the expert human resources and the requirements of management, economy and tourism by providing scientific insights for effective and efficient administration of organizations related to these areas. In these courses, which are fully applied, skills and research, mortals knowledge will be familiar with the new findings of tourism management and economics as an independent scientific category.

IAUP and Cacaus University of Georgia is the only organizer of short-term courses and specialized training courses in formal and exclusive skills to develop higher education of tourism and management.

These supplementary courses are held in Iran with the exclusive authorization of the International Association of Heads of the World University (IAUP) and the کاکاسوس University with the cooperation of Qeshm Higher Education Institute and the Iranian Public Management Education Center.

Mortals knowledge of specialized doctoral courses and research skills will benefit from specialized training of international experienced professors in the field of business and will receive an official international degree from the Union and the university after the completion of the courses.

Because of the reliability of these courses at an international level, graduates can benefit from the world-class points of attraction and cooperation in transnational companies.

PhD Course details of tourism management

Training courses

  • PhD Course in tourism management, research oriented, skill and experimental.
  • The duration of the doctoral period for the majority of two years, including 6 seminars (18 units) and research Monographs (18 units), is a total of 36 units.
  • From the six doctoral seminars, four seminars and two seminars are relevant to the field/selection of students.
  • The method of studying in doctoral course is based on workshops, pathology, problem solving and finally transferring experiences to the industry by research.
  • Students of this period are required to implement and implement a doctoral course project.
  • Theses will be written in English.


Student Research project:

The title of the research project will be based on the selection of the type of PhD in Tourism Management and includes one of the branches of the tourism industry as follows.

  • Travel Services Offices
  • Guides Tour
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Pharmaceutical field
  • Cosmetic field
  • Beauty Salons Sphere
  • Hospitals and medical centers
  • Apparel & Textiles
  • Restaurants
  • Area of Slaughterhouse
  • Air transport Field
  • Maritime transportation
  • Railway transportation
  • Road transport Field
  • Chain stores
  • Crafts field
  • Insurance Services
  • Banking services
  • Hotel Area and accommodation centers
  • Areas of Leisure
  • Areas of coffee shops
  • Dental services
  • And other related disciplines


Objectives of Doctoral courses:

  • Develop higher education management graduates.
  • Promotion of knowledge in the field of industry development and services.
  • Promotion of knowledge of manufacturers.
  • Promotion of knowledge of capital owners.
  • Promoting the knowledge level of merchants
  • Creativity, innovation and business creation.
  • Futures studies in the field of economics and tourism.

The content of the higher education PhD in Tourism Management:

  • The history and theories of tourism industry and economics.
  • Methodology and research in tourism management (with the approach of trading in the field of goods and services).
  • Strategic planning in the development of commodity and service trade.
  • It products, processes and services.
  • Technology management and advanced information systems in tourism.
  • Leadership in the economic cycle of goods trading and services.
  • Executive practices guarantee liability, quality, health, and services.
  • Risk management in the field of trading.
  • Management of technical and commercial assistance in international domain of processes and services.
  • The techniques and skills of international trade tourism negotiations.


List of courses/seminars:

  • Required Courses: The basics of advanced marketing management and management
  • Elective courses: Advanced consumer conduct, advanced industrial marketing and advanced International Marketing
  • In addition to the above-mentioned courses, a lesson is also provided to students for entrepreneurship opportunities or tourism services marketing for example.

Special admission in doctoral period:

  • Having at least a master’s degree or
  • Or having at least 5 years executive management experience.

International Doctoral Course Executives:

  • International Association of Directors of World Universities (IAUP) and کاکاسوس University (Caucasus) as international executives of this course are higher education.

Venue of Doctoral Course:

  • The courses will be implemented in Tehran and Qeshm, with the benefit of prominent Iranian and international professors.
  • Note: If you choose to be selected as a country of tourism research destination, then it will be notified later.

PhD Course Training Costs:

  • The educational cost of the above course for the academic year is 98-97 equivalent to 350 million rials.

Course Benefits:

  • Benefit from the experiences of leading professors in management and business sphere.
  • Benefit from international standard training.
  • Gain skills and knowledge and executive ability regarding research and development methods.
  • Acquire skills to apply knowledge management in the business world.
  • Ability to make decisions and solve challenges of trading goods and services.
  • Creating an international communication network for research enthusiasts in specialized fields.
  • Receiving the certificate of official and international certification of International Union of World Universities (IAUP) and کاکاسوس University (Caucasus).
  • The value of postgraduate education in the academic course of tourism in all member Universities (IAUP) as a prerequisite for graduate studies.
  • Introduction to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to take advantage of the international business space of tourism and trade industry.



IAUP is an international union consisting of senior executives of universities and institutions of higher education from around the world. Membership in this Union is limited to people who serve as the presidency or vice chancellor of universities and prestigious colleges of the world. The main objective and mission of the International Union is to strengthen and enhance the quality of education of higher education institutions around the world. Also, the IAUP mission involves providing a global perspective on higher education, supporting the effective networks between the heads of universities and promoting international peace and understanding through education.

From the partners of the IAUP Associations of American universities and colleges, the American Education Council, the Commonwealth University Association, the University Association of Asia and the Pacific, the Academy of Global Arts and Science, European Universities Association, International Association of Universities, the United Nations General Information Ministry, Atha Diyah is a World Bank of Research for Development, UNESCO, Union of Mediterranean universities and Australian universities.

The head of the Cacacus University of Georgia (Professor Kakkha Shlia) was appointed as head of the International Association of World Universities in July 8, 2017.


Dr. Kakkha Shlia, chairman of the International Union of the University



Dr. Gerald Raiziger, the entire International Union of the University of Rsai


IAUP, is an association of university chief executives from higher education institutions around the world. The IAUP was founded in 1964 in Oxford. Membership is limited to those individuals who serve as presidents, rectors or vice-chancellors at regionally accredited colleges or universities. The primary purpose is to strengthen the international mission and quality of education of higher education institutions around the world. IAUP’s mission includes providing a worldwide vision of higher education, sponsoring effective networking between university leaders, and promoting peace and international understanding through education. The IAUP partners with the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, the American Council on Education, the Association of Commonwealth Universities, the Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific, the World Academy of Art and Science, the European Universities Association, the International Association of Universities, the United Nations Department of Public Information, the World Bank Research Alliance for Development, the UNESCO, the Union of Mediterranean Universities, and Universities Australia.

The President of Caucasus University, Professor Dr. Kakha Shengelia was elected the President of the International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) on July 8, 2017. IAUP Brochure (PDF)


University of Georgia

The University of Qafqaz (Caucasus) is one of the successful universities in the international scientific arena that the university’s curriculum is implemented with the participation of first and leading international professors. The university aims to educate specialists in various scientific fields and the university comprises of schools and faculties of business, Law, media, technology, humanities and social sciences, governance, tourism, medicine and health, cinema and economics. کاکاسوس University has undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees in 45 disciplines and is currently studying from most of the world students in the university, which are mostly from European and American countries. The کاکاسوس University has an interaction and cooperation with many European, American and Asian universities, and for students the University has provided the opportunity to attend two-way exchange programs. University of Cacacus rating 53 by category Financial Times, , In the string MBA Among the world’s universities .

The president of the Cacacus University of Georgia (Professor Kakkha Shlia) is also the head of the International Association of World Universities, 2017.

Brief about CU


The History of Caucasus University (CU) began in 1998, when the US Government via a grant from the Eurasia Foundation and the US Information Agency (USIA), in cooperation with Georgia State University (GSU), funded the Caucasus School of Business (CSB) and introduced the first western- style business education in Georgia. Caucasus University was established in the year 2004, on the basis of Caucasus School of Business. After beginning its operation in 1999, CSB launched its first BBA, MBA and PhD programs followed by establishing Caucasus University as a private, higher education institution in 2004. The university grants Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees to its graduates in accordance with the rules and laws of Georgian legislation.

Nowadays, CU has 10 Schools: Business, Law, Media, Technology, Governance, Humanities and Social Sciences, Tourism, Medicine and Healthcare Management, Economics and Graduate, and provides a high quality, world-class education through a combination of well-designed curricula and exceptional faculty with academic credentials and practical experience necessary for delivering an outstanding education. Its curricula are supported through participation in international programs and by visiting professors. Engaging teaching methods are used, which are buttressed with professional experience and exchange programs for both students and scholars. Courses are delivered by internationally qualified professional lecturers and professors, which ensures preparation of highly-qualified specialists in various fields

Campus History

Caucasus University started 2017-2018 academic year in a new campus, which with its infrastructure and modern equipment is one of the largest higher educational institutions not only in Georgia but in the whole south Caucasus rate.

This historical building, once a seminary that had been in possession of Caucasus University since 2005, was initially constructed in 1909. Before the relocation, reconstruction works were under way for several years to allow the preservation of unique culture and architecture. Consequently, all the parts of the seminary capable of being restored have been reconstructed.

The University has created a comfortable environment for the convenience of its students with a plethora of required modern facilities – media studio, start-up accelerator, peace study institute, modern library, literary café, sports field and professionally landscaped green territory.


The President of Caucasus University leads the International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) 20172020 Presidency;

CSB is off-side campus of a Triple Crown (Three International Accreditation Holder – AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA);

CU-Grenoble MBA program was ranked 54th among the 100 best global programs for executive education by the Financial Times (Financial Times EMBA 2017 Ranking), a first for Georgian education, and called the highest riser of the year by the magazine. Moreover, CU-Grenoble MBA program took 28th place according to QS World University Rankings 2018;

Caucasus School of Business was rated the best in the Caucasus and was given 1st rank by Eduniversal in the years 2011-2017;

8 CU MA/MBA programs named as one of the best globally by Eduniversal Masters Ranking in the years 20132017;

Caucasus University faculty are engaged in international teaching in more than 20 countries;

Being one of the few universities in the Caucasus developing responsible social management, CU has been a member of the PRME since 2008;

Students of Caucasus School of Law are World Vice-Champions;

A short film made by Caucasus School of Media Graduates has been officially selected for the 14th Dhaka International Film Festival (DIF


CU-Grenoble MBA program was ranked 53rd among the 100 best global programs for executive education by the Financial Times(Financial Times EMBA 2017 Ranking), a first for Georgian education, and called the highest riser of the year by the magazine

CU-Grenoble MBA program took 28th place according to QSWorld University Rankings 2018. Furthermore, CSB is off-side campus of a Triple Crown (three international accreditation holder – AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA) University: Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM))

Caucasus School of Business was rated the best in the Caucasus Region and was given 1st rank by Eduniversal in the years 2011-2017

8 CU MA/MBA programs named as one of the best globally by Eduniversal Masters Ranking in the years 2013-2017

Key Facts and Features

Key Features and Figures

10 Schools






Humanities and Social Sciences


Medicine and Healthcare Management



20 years of educational experience

220 Academic Personnel/Researchers

More than 600 invited lecturers

47 programs including

21 Bachelor’s

22 Master’s

4 PhD

Up to 4000 Students

98% of graduates employed

95 agreements and MoUs with employers

Dual Degree programs:

Undergraduate Double Degree with Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM), France

Undergraduate Double Degree with ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal

Undergraduate Double Degree with Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, Austria

Undergraduate Double Degree with Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

Graduate Double Degree with Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM), France

Partnerships with more than 130 international universities and institutions worldwide

Erasmus+ International credit Mobility projects with 33 EU partner universities

Jean Monnet Chair

GEM Georgia National Team



Media Studio

Training Center

Startup Accelerator C10

Moot Court

10 Computer Labs

Institute of Peace Studies

Laboratory of histology/Clinical Skills

Electronics laboratory

Economics Research Center

Georgian Employment Research Center

Scientific-Research Center of Caucasus School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Scientific-Research Center of Caucasus School of Law

Programs offered in English Language:

Bachelor’s programs

Business Administration (Specialization in Finance, Marketing, Management, Accounting, International Business Management)


International Relations





Master’s Programs

Business Administration (MBA) (Specialization in Finance, Management and Marketing)

Executive Dual MBA Program with Grenoble Ecole de Management, France

Information Technology Management

PhD Program



One-cycle educational programme


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