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Kancho Hatsuo Royama, Directorate of the World Organization of Kyokushin-Kan

Kancho Hatsuo Royama, Kyokushin-Kan World Organization, is head of the Kyokushin-Kan World Organization, the International Association of Citizens SITI1, an affiliate of the UNWTO, and by IAUP based in New York and London as the Ambassador of the International Organization for Citizenship and Innovation (SITI1) in the field of Quality, Health, Belief and Authenticity in the world Became

The ceremony for the appointment of the International Ambassador to SITI1 Mr. Hatsuo Royama, Kyokushin-Kan World Organization Director, by Dr. Mohammad Sharif Malekzadeh, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the International Organization of SITI1 and Universities-Tehran, 1397

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