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فرم شماره یک

Suggestion of research topic (thesis / dissertation)


فرم شماره 2

Proposals for doctoral thesis DBA and MBA

فرم شماره 3

Approval of the proposal for the doctoral thesis


Activities of the General Directorate of Education and Research

  • Management of basic information and infrastructure, organizational structure, management of rules and system management
  • Acceptance and Registration of Students
  • Managing Information Information (User Management)
  • Manage requests for knowledge
  • Council for Education, Research, Graduate Studies and Special Issues Commission
  • Course Planning
  • Offering lessons
  • The affairs of the professors
  • Managing the process of choosing tutorial lessons
  • Exam management and scores
  • Educational status of scholars
  • Proposals management and projects
  • Provide all types of web services to the developers
  • Managing Tricks of Students
  • Graduation and certification
  • Archives of documents and secretariat

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