MBA Management Course

The MBA management course is one of the management training courses that is intended to complete the management skills of the applicant in their career path.

Short-term training courses

The short-term training courses of SITI1 International organization include practical courses that are designed with comprehensive and up-to-date training materials, including business principles in various fields of tourism and services.

Corporate clients courses

Specialized training courses in various fields related to tourism management in order to improve the quality of staff services and increase customer satisfaction, for trade units that have awarded the international standard product license and certificate of SITI1.

PhD by research and skill oriented programs in Tourism Management and Management

Doctoral courses in Tourism Management and Management are international higher education courses. The purpose of these courses is to train specialized human power, which is required in the fields of management, economy and tourism, that provides the necessary scientific insights and knowledge to manage organizations, related to these fields, effectively. In these courses, which are presented in a completely practical, skill-based and research oriented, students will introduce to the new datum of tourism management and economy as an independent scientific topic.
International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) and Caucasus University in Georgia are the only organizers of short-term and Professional PhD by research and skill-based courses, formally and exclusively, to develop the higher education in the field of tourism and management.
These supplementary courses hold in Iran with the exclusive permit of the International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) and Caucasus University, in cooperation with Qeshm Higher Education Institute and Iran Governmental Management Training Center.
Students of PhD by research and skill courses will benefit from professional training of internationally experienced professors in the field of business, and after graduation, will receive an official international degree from the mentioned association and university.

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