Nowadays, due to raising public awareness about healthy life and increasing demand for high quality products, the need is felt more to access the manufacturing and service units that have been able to meet the demands of the people based on reliable international standards. Nowadays, there is a gap in this regard and thousands of questions about where, how and by whom or which institution, this demand will be answered. In the meantime, there have been and still are those who have taken a step in this direction and provided part of the people’s demands, but there are still many unanswered questions.

After two decades of research activity, an expert team with international licenses, started working to answer these questions accurately and meet the demands of people around the world. Now by working 24 hours a day with strong motivation to satisfy people needs, we have succeeded to introduce and implement an exclusive, clear, relevant and acceptable standard in the world in the field of product quality, health, Halal and authenticity. SITI1 International organization puts your products and services at the top of table of people’s choices with extensive national and international advertising programs. When we travel, we all like to use products and services that, whether at home or abroad, that gain our trust at a high level and bring us peace of mind, and this can only be achieved by a label to show and introduce them to us like a logo that stuck in our minds and wherever we see it, we move towards it with confidence and this logo can be the logo of SITI1.