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In the current era, due to raising the level of awareness of people about healthy living and the increasing demand for high quality products, the need for access to production units and services that have been able to play a role in meeting the demands of the public, according to international standards, is felt more . Today, there is a vacuum in this direction and there are thousands of questions about where and how this demand? Who and in what institution will be answered? In this regard, there are those who have taken a step in this direction and covered part of the people’s demands, but there are still many unanswered questions?

After two decades of activity, a series of activities aimed at responding precisely to these questions and meeting the demands of people around the world has begun with international permits, and today they have been able to withstand day-to-day raids and strong motivation for obtaining people’s satisfaction. It introduces and executes a complete, clear, promising, and accepted standard throughout the world in terms of quality, health, consumerism and product authenticity. With the extensive national and international advertising campaigns, the International Siti1 Organization places your products and services on the list of people’s choices. We all like to use products and services when we travel, whether inside or outside the country, to win our confidence and comfort for us, and this is not possible except for a guide to Their presentation and presentation is ours, such as a logo that we carve in our minds, and wherever we saw it, we can safely move towards it, and this logo can be Siti1 logo.

برخی از اعضاء سازمان بین المللی سیتی وان

Carrefourchain stores with 1452 branches worldwide

مراحل صدور پروانه بین المللی استاندارد محصول در حوزه کیفیت، سلامت، حلیت و اصالت

مراجعه حضوری به سازمان جهت پر کردن چک لیست ثبت نام و تکمیل مدارک
ارجاع به واحدهای امور قراردادها / حقوقی / بازرگانی / مالی سازمان
اعلام نتایج به واحدهای متقاضی صدور پروانه

صدور پروانه

دریافت فرم درخواست از روی سایت، تکمیل آن و بارگزاری بصورت JPEG
تشکیل شورای استاندارد جهت بررسی اسناد و مدارک
انجام بازرسی و در صورت نیاز نمونه گیری
دریافت کد اقتصادی برای واحد مربوطه

By joining the Siti1 International Organization, you will find a guide to the goals, and thus enter into a larger economic cycle that will be linked to other members of Siti1 who are from various guilds and groups. To become a member, you need to obtain the International Standard Document of the Siti1 International Organization , which, for this purpose, should be completed by completing the application form, and then, by referring to the organization, the necessary steps have been taken with the assistance and guidance of the personnel of the relevant unit. Then, by establishing a high-level council and examining the competence of the applicant unit on the basis of the documents and permits of that unit, as well as evaluation on the basis of international standard checklist and obtaining approval of this council in the subsequent stages of licensing.

License Registration Form

To register, obtain a license to issue international product standard license


Pay 1,000,000 Rials to account number 0112330952007 at the National Bank of Iran Branch of the Siti1 International Organization and send us your deposit with other documents.

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