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 SITI 1 symbol of trust and confidence

Introducing SITI 1 International

The International Organization for the SITI1 (SITI1 International Organization) is a UNWTO-World Tourism Organization affiliated to the United Nations, under the authority of the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), number 1305212. SITI1 is the only organization capable of issuing product quality certificate and enjoy 17065, 19933 and 17020 standards. Product qualification and product standardization certificates will be issued in the following 22 sub-categories of tourism services:

The International Organization for Siti1,as the only international standard scientific and research organization, has been announced by the International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) to all members of the IAUP Union. Siti1 is an official and legal member of the IAUP Executive Council and is currently collaborating with three hundred international universities around the world. Siti1 is the head of the Middle East and Central Asia Regional Department of the IAUP.

 The position and credibility of Siti1 International Organization

Siti1 The International Organization is the world’s first international organization, hosted the IAUP in New York and London in July 2017 as the first scientific research organization at the Union Executive Board (IAUP) In Austria
SITI1 International Organization membership in UNWTO has been ratified on June 8th 2017 as the only organization globally capable of product standardization in terms of health, quality, Halal and authenticity. The organization was appreciated by Secretary General of UNWTO because of its services.

Activity Scope  of the  Siti1 International  Organization

One of the SITI1 International Organization goal is identifying and awarding entrepreneurs and economic activists of world fame. This is a biennial international award is to be granted to the nominees at the headquarters of UNWTO in Madrid. This event can take the world attention These biennial awards at a magnificent event in Madrid, Spain, are one of the world’s leading attractions and the headquarters of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Is awarded.

Scope of privileges for international standard product holders

Assign a TV channel for introducing goods and services

Getting in the Siti1 economic cycle and the priority of foreign tourists

Assign a free exhibition in the permanent exhibition of Siti1 Exhibitions

World Intellectual Property Organization

World Tourism Organization

International Association  of University

Concluding a Memorandum of Understanding between Siti1 International Organization

And the Turkish Travel Agencies Association (TORSAB)

Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Siti1 International Organization and the Directorate of the Iran’s office

Jiujiang China International Trade Development Council, Tehran, 1397

شاون چن- چین

مأمور ارشد انتخابات IAUP رئیس دانشگاه SIAS

آلوارو رومو- مکزیک

معاون دبیرکل IAUP مشاور دانشگاه بازرگانی اوزاکا- ژاپن

کاخا شنگلیا- گرجستان

رئیس دانشگاه قفقاز و رئیس اتحادیه بین المللی روٌسای دانشگاههای جهان (IAUP)

ایچیرو توانیوکا- ژاپن

جانشین خزانه دار IAUP رئیس دانشگاه بازرگانی و دانشگاه اوزاکا- بنیاد آموزشی Tanioka Gakuen

تویوشی ساتو- ژاپن

رئیس دانشگاه J.F. Oberlin

نیکولت دویل کریستین- ایالات متحده آمریکا

خزانه دار IAUP

دکتر جرالد رایزینگر- اتریش

دبیر کل اتحادیه بین المللی رؤسای دانشگاههای جهان (IAUP)

فرناندو گالوان رئولا- اسپانیا

معاون IAUP رئیس دانشگاه آلکالا

نیکلاس جی. ج. بالدوین- انگلستان

عضو هیئت مدیره دین IAUP , دانشکدهWroxton FDU

Ph.D. Tourism Management

  • PhD courses in tourism management and management are among the courses in International Higher Education.

Corporate Customer Courses

The specialized training courses in various branches related to tourism management in order to improve the quality of  Employees services and increase customer satisfaction, are held for the units of the guild who have won the international license of the standard Siti1 product.


MBA course

The MBA program is a management training course designed to complete the managerial skills of the audience in their career path.


Short-term training courses

Short-term training courses at the Siti1 International International  include applied courses designed with comprehensive and up-to-date teaching materials that incorporate business principles in various areas of tourism and services.


Ph.D. Specialist and Research Manager of Tourism Management and Management

PhD courses in tourism management and management are among the courses in International Higher Education. The purpose of these courses is to provide specialized human resources training and management, economics and tourism areas that provide scientific insights for the effective and efficient management of organizations related to these areas. In these courses, which are fully functional, scholarly and exploratory, students will be introduced to the findings of the new management of tourism and economics as an independent academic discipline. The international university headquarters and the University of Caucasus, Georgia, are the only organizers of short courses and courses The Ph.D., in formal and exclusive fashion, is aimed at developing higher education in tourism and management. These graduate programs are licensed exclusively from the International Union of Chiefs of Universities (IAUP) and the University of Caucasus, in collaboration with the Qeshm Institute of Higher Education and the Governmental Education Management Center Iran will be held in Iran. Ph.D. students will benefit from research in the field of specialized training of internationally qualified faculty members in the field of business, and, after completing the course, will receive a formal international degree from the Union and the University.
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